Services Available

Swedish Massage: Relax your mind and body with a full body massage. Massage is a purifying and soothing therapy that releases all the pent up tension we carry daily. 

Yoni Steam: Ancient plant medicine brought to your home.. Yoni steaming, also known as vaginal steaming, is a practice that utilizes herbal steam to promote and maintain the healing and health of the womb.

Free Consultation: Need a custom blend? Not sure which product or service is best for you? 

Schedule your 15 minute consultation where we can discuss how Urban Holistic Healing can support you with your custom aromatherapy, yoni steam or tea blend.


I got a 60 minute deep tissue massage with Brionna and I can honestly say this was the best massage I've ever received in my entire life. Brionna removed all of the tensions in my body that I had been carrying for months. My biggest regret was not getting 90 minutes because I didn't want her to stop lol!

Elizabeth D.

She met me with so much love, helpful advice, gentle reminders, and deep discernment. She's also a Black woman, who has such an authentic grace to how she administers healing to folks, so I just automatically feel a sense of home and warmth in her presence.

Imani B.

I [...] felt empowered to create change. It was an affirming experience and acted as a supportive push to outline my own spiritual practice, however that may look.

Diamond C.

Our Mission

To support and empower women in NYC urban communities to heal themselves, while taking into account their mental, emotional and physical needs. Currently, we are doing that through our herbal products and education via social media. Urban Holistic Healing also looks to support the efforts of other impact businesses and non-profits in the community.