Top 5 Ways to Boost Your Vibration During Quarantine


During this quarantine and lockdown, we are being confronted in many ways. Our job security may hang in the balance, food insecurities are bringing us worries, feeling upset or triggered can be a constant and overall just struggling to adjust to a new and unnatural lifestyle. We are all taking it one day at a time. Below I've compiled a list of activities to boost your vibration and support you in this time of global crisis and panic.

What does it mean to boost your vibration? Well your vibration or frequency is the number of waves that passes through you in a certain period of time. When you feel low vibrational, you may experience that as sadness, gloominess, and a lack of motivation to do the things you’d like. I compiled these top 5 ways to boost your vibration to give you a reference, so you don’t need to exhaust your mind to think while you’re in that space. You can just choose something from this list (or your own) to boost your vibe in that moment.



Aromatherapy is the therapeutic of essential oils by inhalation or topical application. Essential oils affect us on psychological, physiological and cellular levels. Your sense of smell is the only sense that has direct connections to your brain. What that means for you is that aroma is one of the most instant and powerful ways to effect change on your mood. With connections directly to your emotional brain through your nasal pathway, it is my #1 way to boost my vibe. Whether you are burning incense, misting your room or soaking in a relaxing bath; find a way to incorporate aromatherapy into your daily routine.



This may seem cliché, but it’s almost for that reason that I can’t leave it out. Music literally IS frequency so if you’re looking for a way to boost your vibration, this should be included. However, the way that you approach music when your vibration is low is a little different and a lot more intentional. As creatures of habit, we may be used to selecting the same songs or playlist to hear when we’re feeling off. My suggestion is to take a deep breath (or three) with your right hand on your stomach and left on your chest. Ask yourself, “What do I need to hear?” What sounds will give me a boost right now?”. Sometimes that may be something to turn up to, sometimes it can be something to move your body sensually to, and others it can be sounds to calm your mind like spa music or high frequency music. What’s most important is that you tap in and ask yourself what you need right then and there.



I am very new to tarot but in my experience of getting readings and now doing them myself, it has been a beautiful way to connect to my Higher Self. As you connect to your Higher Self, you can receive guidance that enhances your perspective of your now moment. When you can have a different view of how Spirit is using your situation to your benefit or be guided to the energy that would best suits you for the day, you will feel a lot lighter. Tarot is a way to tap into the wisdoms you hold within you. In this uncertain time, tarot is a remarkable way to tap into your inner knowing and ease your spirit.



It is said that how we breathe is how we live. If you have a hurried and rushed breath, you’ll live a hurried and rushed life. So, during this quarantine with 100 concerns hurled at you daily, it is an imperative time to retrain your mind on a singular focus. Meditation can look like sitting in lotus on the floor and chanting OM or it can look like you focusing on the sensations in your body as you drink a cup of tea. Stopping to take a deep breath and bringing your attention to the warmth of the mug in your hands. Feeling the steam kiss your face as you lean into sip. The awareness of air leaving your lungs as you send cool air over your steaming tea. Hearing the sound of your cautioned sip and staying with the sensation of heat moving down through your throat, chest, and your stomach. You may even feel encouraged to insert an intention or prayer into your tea, if you’re into that type of thing (I am!). Whatever version or sort of meditation works for you, this is a sure way to boost your energy and open up some mental space.


Move Yo Body:

I saved this for last because sometimes when you’re feeling low, this can be one of the most difficult things to get ourselves to do but the REWARD IS HUGE. Starting off with one or a combination of the previous vibe boosters can prepare you with the energy to get up and MOVE. Now you may be wondering, what type of movement? Remember to let your body guide you. Just like we did when finding music to boost your vibe: Take a deep breath with your right hand on your stomach and your left hand your chest. Ask yourself, “How do I need to move? What does my body need? Is it sensuality and dance? Is it a calorie burning high intensity workout or perhaps a low impact yoga flow?” Allow your body to guide you in everything you do because it already knows what it needs. As you move your body, you release the emotions that are pent up within and usher in a new vibe… one motion at a time.

I truly hope you enjoyed this list of Top Five Ways to Boost your Vibration! The most important aspect of this is you and the time you take to pause, breathe and ask yourself what you truly need. After that, start small and build yourself up to it. I have not reinvented the wheel with this list, it is an invitation to change the way you approach these simple activities and possibly other activities in your life. 


SOUND OFF: When you're feeling low what are some things that can always lift your mood? Have you already been incorporating any of these activities into your daily routine? Comment below!

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